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Here are some nice things people are saying about Black Beach:


"[D]raws children into what becomes an origin story for Earth Day and the birth of a movement.” -Booklist **STARRED REVIEW** 

"A beautiful and motivating way to look into the makings of the very first Earth Day. Black Beach shows how far we’ve come and still how much work we have left to do." -Dave Matthews, Musician and UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador

"The Stiths and Lechuga offer up a fast-moving chronicle of the events and emotions leading up to the first Earth Day. . . . Sam’s emerging eco-consciousness neatly provides evidence of the role that youth can play in helping to protect the planet.” -Publishers Weekly

"[A] perceptive view of a major milestone in the environmental movement. . . . this story offers a template for the sort of internal sea change required to spark real concern for environmental—or any other—issues” -Kirkus Reviews

"It’s a tall order to ask kids to read — or care — about an environmental disaster. But first-time authors John and Shaunna Stith pull it off with Black Beach, a beautifully illustrated and heartfelt picture book about the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill and the birth of Earth Day.” -Santa Barbara Independent


"Black Beach is a compelling look at the inspiration for the first Earth Day and the widely recognized start of the environmental movement. It's a great book for parents to share with their kids and a reminder that protecting the environment should be a bipartisan issue with everyone pitching in for future generations." -Bill Hickman, Surfrider Foundation

"Creatively told and gorgeously illustrated, Black Beach is a wonderful, child-friendly introduction to the origins of Earth Day—and a touching call to action to today’s kids to carry the torch for our precious planet. Black Beach fits perfectly on my bookshelf of 'solutionary stories' that inspire kids to connect with the world around them and take action on what matters to them." - Meeg Pincus, award-winning author of Ocean Soup and Cougar Crossing

"Black Beach recalls some of the most challenging days in our environmental history. It paints a timely reminder that catastrophes can happen anywhere, but most importantly it casts beautiful rays of hope and motivation by showing how inspired children and adults across the globe can band together to drive lasting solutions for a greener future." -Steve Gaines, Dean & Distinguished Professor, Bren School of Environmental Science & Management, UC Santa Barbara

"A perfect pairing of words and pictures, Black Beach takes readers back to the environmental catastrophe that inspired Earth Day. This engaging, heart-felt story with extensive and easy-to-read backmatter, reminds readers that taking small steps toward a more sustainable future is not only the right thing to do, 'It’s easy!'” - Colleen Paeff, award-winning author of The Great Stink

"In their beautiful book Black Beach, Shaunna and John Stith tell us a story of resilience, empowerment, and activism. In times of climate crisis, this is the kind of inspiration we need to share with those who will be shaping the future of our planet." -Oren Pizmony-Levy, PhD, Center for Sustainable Futures, Teachers College, Columbia University

"Black Beach is a moving and important book and ideal way to introduce young people to the origins of Earth Day. The story of Sam and the oil spill will help children to see that they're never too small to make a difference and that all environmental activism, no matter how large or small an event, can effect change in the world." -Loll Kirby, librarian and author of Old Enough to Save the Planet

"In a world where children can easily feel defeated by environmental news and issues, Black Beach is an inspiring story to show our youth (and their grown-ups) their actions add up to big change when we work together." -Nanette Heffernan, award-winning author of Earth Hour: A Lights-Out Event for Our Planet

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